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How to use Diflucan? (Fluconazole)

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If you want to buy Diflucan online, then you are able to save time and money! The drug belongs to the category of anti-fungal drugs. It sold in capsules, solutions and powders. The main active ingredient is fluconazole.
Pharmacologic effect
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Diflucan online have selective inhibitor that exerts its effects on the fungal cells. The drug is given to patients to combat various microorganisms.
The tablet is taken orally. Therapeutic treatment is given to the patient if he has a disease caused by microorganisms.
If you make an order Diflucan online, pre-read the instructions for use. The drug is absorbed well into the body. The tablet can be taken with food. The maximum concentration occurs after a 1.5 hour after the first pill. The main active ingredient is fluconazole. It can quickly penetrate into the plasma, saliva, sputum. The concentration of drug in the nail plate after a course of therapy for four months is 4.05 g / g.
The substance is excreted in urine. Metabolism occurs in the kidneys. The drug can be administered to people of different ages, as well as premature babies.
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Usually, the doctor prescribes a treatment with this drug only after a full examination of the patient and passing tests for bacterial seeding. If you are sure of your diagnosis, you cannot wait for laboratory results, and make the purchase Diflucan online for a good price today! But be careful with the dosage of the drug: for every disease has a therapeutic dose. Therefore, spend a dosage adjustment in accordance with the test results.
Every patient has its dose depending on the individual history. The doctor looks at the severity of the disease, carefully studying a certain kind of fungal infection. In the case of vaginal candidiasis is enough to accept only one tablet. But many infections require multiple dosing. Therapeutic treatment is necessary to continue in accordance with the clinical history.
The drug is recommended to take to complete disappearance of symptoms of disease. Methods of Use:
– Cryptococcal meningitis
Dosage assigned 400 mg once a day. The treatment lasts for eight weeks.
– Candidiasis
Candida infection is treated with a dosage of 400 mg for the first medication. The next day, the dosage will be 200 mg per day. The duration of therapy is established doctor depending on the effectiveness of treatment.
– Vaginal candidiasis
The disease is treated with a single dose of the drug. The dosage is of 150 mg per day.
For prevention it is recommended to take the drug once a month. The course of preventive treatment is up to 12 months.
– Infectious diseases of the skin
The drug is administered once a week for 150 mg. The course of treatment is recommended to extend for up to four weeks.
– Lichen
The disease is treated by a single dose of 300 mg once a week. The course of treatment is two weeks. In most cases, the patient is sufficient to take the medication only once.
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The drug can be used in children for the treatment of infectious diseases. Generic Diflucan should be applied only once a day. Diflucan is often administered to children after birth. Here you need to pay attention to the fact that the main active ingredient from the body of a young child appears very slowly.
The average dosage is established for elderly patients, unless they have kidney failure. In other cases it is necessary to adjust the dosage regimen.
The drug is excreted in urine output. Patients receiving regular dialysis, should take preventive session after each full dosage. We do not recommend purchase Diflucan patients who have liver failure.
Buy cheap Diflucan you can only in our online pharmacy. We set reasonable prices for the products. We’ll tell you about the cases of drug overdose. In rare cases, all the patient has paranoid behavior and hallucinations. In such situations need immediate hospitalization. If there is a case of an overdose, it is a must to spend symptomatic therapy. Preventive measures will include gastric lavage.
Not to conduct research on the use of the drug in pregnant women and breast-feeding.
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